Helpful Info About City & Neighborhood Patrol Staffing

by October 4

September 2018

The following information was provided to the PBCC Neighborhood Improvement committed by the Assistant Chief on the VPD.

Number of Officers

Total Number of Authorized VPD Officers today is 139. This number includes officers, officers in training, and officers who are out with injuries. 2017 Calls for Service City-Wide

These are approximate numbers. There were about 100,000 total calls to VPD in 2017. This includes 911, non-911 calls, walk-ins, and field-initiated calls by officers.

  • Over 32,000 911 calls
  • Over 42,000 non-911 calls
  • Walk-ins and field-initiated calls were around 25,000 calls

Current City-Wide Patrol Staffing

  • There are generally 10 patrol officers on duty city-wide in the morning hours.
  • There are generally 20 patrol officers on duty city-wide afternoon and evenings.

Beat 2 Patrol Staffing

This comprises the coastal areas in which Pierpont/Keys resides as well as parts of midtown near the mall. See the VPD Beat Map for the boundaries:

  • There are between 2-5 patrol officers who are dedicated to patrolling Beat 2 at any give time. Hours vary. Generally, there are 2 patrol officers for all of Beat 2 in the morning hours. At busines times of day, there are between 4-5 officers on duty.
  • Traffic cadets and motorcycle officers are not assigned to "beats" and they transverse the entire city.
  • The Patrol Task Force is also not assigned to "beats". There are six (6) officers currently staffed on the Task Force. These are the officers who you see on bikes, often wearing shorts. They are the ones that are working to address the homeless issues in the city.



U.S. 9th District Court Ruling on Sleeping in Public

by September 15

On September 4, 2018 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit filed a ruling that laws in Boise, ID cruelly and unusally punish homeless individuals for sleeping and camping in public places (Martin v. City of Boise). In the ruling, the court concluded that "a municipality cannot criminalize such behavior consistently with the Eighth Amendment when no sleeping space is practically available in any shelter." To see the states affected by this ruling, please refer to the US Courts Districts Map

At the next General Membership Meeting of the PBCC, Commander Dickey of the Ventura Police Deparment will be discussing the actual and potential implications of this ruling on our neighborhoods. Please plan to attend. 

Pierpont Bay Community Council 

General Membership Meeting

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

7:00 - 8:30 p.m.


Ventura County Credit Union

2575 Vista Del Mar Dr. 

2nd Floor

There is plenty of free parking available for attendees. 


New Website for the Pierpont Community Council

by Joseph Vandertol April 14

After a number of years without a major update, the PCC is rolling out a new website.  The website is designed to support today's users many of which view web pages from their phones or tablets.  We are all busy and the same is true for members who are active in the PCC.  The new website is able to be maintained by any person with some computer knowledge.  As such you will see new features and pages added to the site in the near term.

One cool feature is the community calendar.  If you have an event which you want listed on our site please reach out to  us on our contact page.

Are you a photographer?  Would you like to contribute a photograph to the PCC website?  We would love to display your photo on our main page photo carousel.  We will be reaching out to the community for submissions soon.  Keep coming the the new PCC website for additional information.

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