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    If you are a community member with an interest in doing something positive for homeless persons in our area, there are a variety of ways that you can help. The first being to educate yourself about the options that are currently available in the City of Ventura. The links below provide useful information about existing resources and services for those who are struggling to overcome issues related to homelessness stemming from abuse, domestic violence, trauma, grief, addiction, health, mental illness, divorce, lack of affordable housing, and job loss. 

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Shelter & Housing


    One social worker (with funding provided by Ventura County's Rapid Integrated Support & Engagement (RISE) Program), has started with the VPD on outreach. Sergeant Jerry Foreman has retired from the VPD and the new contact for the Patrol Task force is Sergeant Mike Anselmo. 

    OCT 24, 2018 STATUS UPDATE

    Ventura's Homeless Shelter at 2323 Knoll Drive won't be open until the end of NEXT year. A 24/7 temporary regional shelter on K St at the site of Oxnard's National Guard Armory is expected to open December 10, 2018 to June 1, 2017. Read the full article from the Ventura County Star.
    "The council is in the process of working out terms with the county to lease 2323 Knoll Drive for a year-round homeless shelter that would provide wraparound services like mental health treatment and job placement. It will cost an estimated $4 million to convert the building into a residential facility, with asbestos removal, installation of sprinklers and the addition of bathrooms and showers contributing to the price. The city could be on the hook for about half of that, city Community Development Director Jeff Lambert said. " Read the full article from the VC Star.
    To learn more about the following status update, contact the City of Ventura's Community Development Director, Jeff Lambert.


    For Winter 2018, there have been challenges to implementing a foul weather shelter for 2018/2019. Currently the City of Ventura has been working on a memorandum of understanding with the City of Oxnard and Ventura County to outline a tri-agency governance structure that details the duties of each jurisdiction. As of September 24, 2018, a site and operator for a foul weather shelter had not been identified. City regulations may also need to be amended in advance of a specific weather declaration. The estimated cost of a foul-weather shelter is between $15,000-$20,000

    The Community Development Department has had preliminary discussions with the City of Oxnard. Oxnard's Armory may potentially be used as a "Pilot" shelter for 4-6 months. If this project were to move forward, the shelter would potentially operate 24/7 and have a capacity of 110 clients. The estimated cost for 6 months operation is $550,000. The city of Ventura's portion would is estimated to be $185,000. Discussions are expected to continue. 

    An architect is currently working on plans as the City of Ventura moves forward with building its first, year-round, 55-bed (44 men, 11 women) homeless shelter in a 3+ story building located in an industrial area at 2323 Knoll Drive. This is not a walk-in shelter. Entry to the shelter will be coordinated through Ventura County's Continuum of Care's Pathway to Home Coordinated Entry System. This is a four-story building. The first floor is approximately 10,000 sq ft. Estimated capital improvement costs are $4 million dollars. It is also estimated that the approximate annual cost for operating this shelter would be approximately $1.2 million. The city's 50/50 share of that would be approximately $2 million dollars and $600,000 annually. Three shelter operators had been interviewed as of September 24, 2018.
  • Ventura County Homeless Shelters

    For information about homeless shelters in the county, visit the Ventura County Health and Human Services website page:
  • Temporary 24/7 Regional Shelter at Oxnard's National Guard Armory

    Expected to open December 10, 2018  - June 1, 2019 on K Street in Oxnard at the former site of the National Guard Armory. Oxnard will allocate $200,000, the City of Ventura will allocate $200,000, and Ventura County will allocate $185,000 to operate the shelter. The shelter will be operated by Mercy House.

    Salvation Army Emergency Shelter

    Located on Oak Street in Downtown Ventura, the Salvation Army operates a 12-bed, year-round emergency shelter that provides services to men and women. Applications are required and managed through the Salvation Army.

  • Project Understanding: First Step Center

    Project Understanding focuses on preventing homelessness. Their First Step Center intake center assists qualified applicants with obtaining reduced-fee vouchers for DMV, assistance with utility payments, referrals and rental assistance through their Homeless 2 Home program..

  • Project Understanding: Housing

    Project Understanding has one case manager for the which provides case management for formerly homeless and individuals in permanent, supportive housing apartments subsidized by Section 8 funds. There is also a Program Manager who manages the Homeless 2 Home project to assistant homeless individuals find housing. Both housing programs require individuals to complete an intake process.

  • Turning Point Foundation: Our Place Shelter

    Located on Thompson in Midtown, the Turning Point Foundation operates a 10-bed (7 men, 4 women), year-round shelter. Applicants must apply during specific hours, complete a health assessment, and there is frequently a waiting list.

  • Turning Point Foundation: Riverhaven

    Located on Harbor Boulevard near the Ventura Harbor, the Turning Point Foundation has operated Riverhaven since 2006, which serves 23 persons with transitional living space in geodesic domes and tuff sheds. Case managers work with residents to provide medical attendtion, alchohol and mental health services, job training, and according to their website has assisted 9 persons find permanent housing.

  • The City Center Transitional Living Community of Ventura

    The City Center is a faith-based transitional living community that does not receive any government funding. TCC offers housing to homeless men, women, and children. Priority is given to families no larger than four (4). Applicants must be clean and sober for six (6) months, have no records of felony convictions more recent than three (3) years, and must be willing to go to school or be employed full-time within 90 days of entry. Its goal is to transition its clients into self-sufficiency within one (1) year.  Located in Midtown, applicants must meet their Housing Admission Guidelines. To donate food, supplies, or furnishings, call to determine the items needed (805) 682-9035.
  • Ventura Safe Sleep Program

    Since 2010, Ventura's Safe Sleep program has provided space for approximately 15 families and individuals to sleep safely in their cars from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Guests are screened by the Salvation Army and was created in partnership with the UU Church of Ventura.

  • Housing Authority of the City of San Buenaventura 

    The Housing Authority provides and develops affordable housing for eligible low-income residents. 


  • Project Understanding: Food Pantry

    Project Understanding provides once-a-month groceries to those who qualify through their intake process. To provide food donations, the pantry's drop-off hours are 9:00 am to 1:00 pm (M, T, W & F) or by appointment.



  • Downtown Ventura's Family Reconnection Program

    This donation-supported program provides free transportation to eligible, needy individuals living on Ventura's streets who are seeking away to reconnect with their family or with a support group. To learn more about the program, visit:

Additional Resources

  • Ventura Homeless Prevention Fund

    This fund is dedicated to providing financial assistance to those who need temporary funds to keep their housing. Being homeless adds a huge hurtle to remaining employed and self sufficient. By contributing to this fund, it helps keeps an already huge problem from getting worse. To receive benefits from this fund you must be able to prove the need is temporary and as such it will help those who are at risk of being homeless who truly do not not want to be homeless. When we say we should help those in need, these are the people to help.

  • Additional Resources for Homelessness

    Panhandling Alternatives: Turning Point Foundation 805-652-0596, Project Understanding 805-652-1326, Salvation Army 805-648-5032, Society of Saint Vincent de Paul 805-487-1558, Homeless Assistance Hotline 805-639-3600. 

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