The VPD Save and Clean Initiative
This is a video presentation from SGT Jerry Foreman on the Safe and Clean initiative in Ventura City.
Things You Can do to Help Anothy Mele's Family
  • Donate to Provide Financial Assist to the Family

    A gofundme page has been established to help the family during this difficult period. The PCC encourages everyone to help this family, who like all of us were simply seeking to live a peaceful life.

  • Help the Homeless Reconnect with their Family

    This program assists homeless individuals in the Ventura area to relocate with their families. It costs $150.00 to provide assistance for each individual and has been very successful in transporting individuals to their families or to an assistance program in the area of their families. You can help this program by contributing your dollars here.

  • Help Families Avoid Homelessness

    This fund is dedicated to providing financial assistance to those who need temporary funds to keep their housing. Being homeless adds a huge hurtle to remaining employed and self sufficient. By contributing to this fund, it helps keeps an already huge problem from getting worse. To receive benefits from this fund you must be able to prove the need is temporary and as such it will help those who are at risk of being homeless who truly do not not want to be homeless. When we say we should help those in need, these are the people to help.

  • Additional Resources for Homelessness

    Panhandling Alternatives: Turning Point Foundation 805-652-0596, Project Understanding 805-652-1326, Salvation Army 805-648-5032, Society of Saint Vincent de Paul 805-487-1558, Homeless Assistance Hotline 805-639-3600. 

  • Join the PCC

    Pierpont needs a group to advocate the interests of the Pierpont Community. The purpose of the PCC is to do exactly this, to represent the majority interest of the residents of Pierpont. Please participate, either by contributing time, donating funds and most importantly voting .   You need PCC board that will actively advocate residents interests, our interests.

    The Presedient of the PCC has posted a letter on Next Door which is also on the front page of our website asking for participation.  If you only attend one meeting this is the meeting attend so that special interest groups do not get control of the board and steer policies in a direction to their own financial benefit.  We need a board that will advocate for the truly homeless and pursue policies to discourage vagrancy and direct that population into programs to assist them.

    One of these issue is the proposed Wet House in the newly created voting district which includes Pierpont. A wet house is housing for homeless people who refuse active treatment. Those who support it say it's a way to get homeless people off the street. Those that are against it believe it enables a homeless life style. Residents of the wet house are likely to hop on a bike, ride it down Los Olivas and into Pierpont where they will look for ways to support their lifestyle.

    Mr. Mele death is horrible tragedy, we need to do everything we can to prevent another.

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