PCC Election Results

Thank you to all the Pierpont neighbors who turned out to vote in last nights election.  We had a very good turn out and the new PCC board appreciates all of you taking time out of your Tuesday evening when you have other things that need to get done to act to help your community.  Below Are the election results:

Chair - Joseph Vandertol

Joseph and his wife have lived in Pierpont for four years and like so many others love the Pierpont Community and the countless tiny things that make Pierpont special.  Joseph believes that we all need to act to help keep this community safe, the beach a place that people can enjoy and a place where the residents quality of live counts more than the almighty dollar.  

Vice-Chair - Bill McDonald

I would like to work at making the PCC a stronger voice, and I would appreciate being considered for the position of Vice-Chair.  I believe that my professional background would be of assistance to the PCC. I have worked as an attorney, mediator, and arbitrator for more than 50 years

Secretary - Burt Elliot

Burt has lived in Pierpont since 1994. His wife and several of their children attended Pierpont Elementary School and have greatly appreciated the value of living in such a special community environment..

Treasurer - Terry Foley

Terry Foley is the current Treasurer for the Pierpont Community Council.  Terry has lived and worked in Ventura his entire life.  His company Hartigan/Foley is a general contractor for residential and commercial projects.  Terry has 64 years of history in Pierpont on Brunswick Lane, and supports policies that retain the classic Pierpont culture and neighborhood.  Over the past year, Terry has performed the duties of Treasurer and looks forward to next board year.

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