Notice of Meeting 05/21/19


Meeting:  Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at 7 PM


Ventura County Credit Union

2575 Vista Del Mar

Ventura, CA 93001


Highlights of Past Year

Thank you to Donors

Treasurer’s Report

Report from Ventura Police Dept.

Report from State Parks

Election of Officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer

We need Officers!

Nominations accepted from the floor

The Bylaws declare in pertinent part:


Section 2 Elections

1st Paragraph:“Section 2 Elections   Each Council Officer will be elected by a majority vote of the General Membership at the Annual Meeting of the Council. Officers must be members of the Council, residents of the PBCC area, and be eligible to vote. In the event no nominee receives a majority of the votes cast, there shall be a run-off election between the two nominees who have received the greatest number of votes. Nominees will consist of a slate of nominees selected by a nominating committee together with persons nominated from the floor during the Annual Meeting.  A person nominated from the floor must be present to accept the nomination.“

2nd Paragraph:

“The voting rules in this Section 2 shall apply to all votes by the Council. All references in these Bylaws to the quantum of votes needed (ex: majority or two-thirds) refer to members eligible to vote under the criteria specified in this Section 2. No absentee or proxy voting will be permitted. Eligibility of members to vote shall be based on whether the member’s property within the PBCC area is used exclusively for residential purposes as follow:” [primary residence of owner or rented for periods not less than 30 days or leased by resident for at least 6 months and the property is not an STVR.]

3rd Paragraph:  

There shall be a limit of one vote per residential property address, except that residential properties which have multiple, separate units shall have one vote per unit. All voters must reside at the address or unit involved. Non-resident owners of one or more residential properties or units may appropriate the vote of one address or unit, and no more, even if they own more than one property address or unit.

Reasonable notice in such manner as determined by the Executive Board will be given at least fourteen days in advance of the Annual Meeting indicating that Council Officers will be elected at the meeting.

William J. McDonald

Vice Chair

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