Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of frequently asked questions.

Who can attend a PBCC Meeting?

PBCC membership has been extended to all District 7 coastal neighborhoods: Promenade, Pierpont, Ventura Keys, Vista del Mar, Marina MHP, and Ventura Harbor. Any resident of the City of Ventura is also welcome to attend a PBCC meeting as a guest. All attendees are required to sign in. PBCC meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month (no meeting in December). To view the meeting schedule, see Events & Meetings.

How do I report an illegal encampment on City property?

For encampments in Ventura city limits on city property, please report them to the VPD non-emergency number by dialing (805) 650-8010.
Your report should include the number of individuals observed, the location or address, and any other information relevant to the activity observed. There are currently six (6) VPD patrol task force officers who are tasked with addressing issues related to homelessness in the City of Ventura. Contact information

How do I report trespassing/illegal encampments on Cal Trans property?

Criminal activity on Cal Trans property can include tresspassing, illegal refuse disposal, vagrancy, and vandalism. To report tresspassing and illegal encampments in Ventura city limits on Cal Trans propery, reports should be directed to the Ventura CHP. Cal Trans property is best characterized as freeway property, such as sides of highways, underpasses, and so on.

To learn more about the Ventura CHP, see this presentation from the 10/16/2018 general membership meeting:


To complete an illegal encampment report:

  1. Navigate to the Cal Trans Submit Customer Service Request page:
  2. In the Select Situation Type list, select Illegal Encampment.
  3. In the map area, enter an address for the illegal encampment or use the map controls to pinpoint the location.
    Note: A popup message may appear that says “Location is too far from the California State System.” If you are reporting an issue occurring on Cal Trans property, you can ignore that tooltip.
  4. Scroll down the page and complete the remained of the form. Required information includes:
    • Direction of Travel
    • Nearest Cross Street
    • Mode of Transportation
    • Date and Time (that you noticed the situation)
    • Description of the Situation
  5. (Recommended) Enter your name and contact information, should the officers have questions later.
  6. Click Submit Service Request.
    At this point, Cal Trans will process the posting with the Ventura CHP. The CHP will work with the Ventura Police Department and appropriate city staff to coordinate security, posting, and cleanup. If you need additional information about this process, please contact SSP/Felony Officer C.Terry at the CHP:

Is dumpster diving illegal?

Yes. In Ventura City Limits, city ordinace prohibts dumpster diving and you are encouraged to reported occurences to the VPD’s non-emergency number: (805) 650-8010.

Is panhandling on the corner of Seaward/Harbor or Harbor Blvd illegal?

Only aggressive panhandling is illegal in the City of Ventura. If you encounter an aggressive panhandler in the area, make your first priority finding a safe place and report it to the VPD. To learn more about the City of Ventura’s approach, please visit this link: