Ventura Safe & Clean Initiative

After the tragic incident at the Promenade in April 2018, reports of a surge in the violent crime rate, and reports that the chance of becoming a victim of a property crime in Ventura is higher than a number of cities in California, communities throughout Ventura have reaffirmed their interest in improving neighborhood safety and the quality of life for its residents.

The approach for the City of Ventura’s Safe & Clean initiative is to:

Redirect limited law enforcement resources to better enforce existing laws and policies to abate illegal and anti-social behaviors in public spaces.
Redirect limited maintenance resources to better maintain clean public spaces.
Partner with community resources to better activate and animiate public spaces to encourage enjoyment by the entire community.
Strengthen collaboration with County, Social Service Agencies, and Faith-Based Organizations to support both “place-based” social services and supplement those services by assertive street outreach teams to reach service-resistant clients.
Reinforce social services and philanthropic giving toward the philosophy of a hand-up, not a hand-out.
Please note that door-to-door sales people must have a business license issued by the City of Ventura. They must also register with the City in person. For information, visit the City’s Business License page.

VPD Safe & Clean Approach

As of September 2018, the VPD has a Patrol Task Force with six (6) officers.

Watch Sargent Jerry Foreman of the Patrol Task Force speak about the Safe & Clean program:

To learn about the process for removing illegal encampents in the area:

If you have a private property experiencing issues with trespassing, you can submit a Tresspass Form which authorizes the Ventura Police Department to enter a private property at any time, day or night, and enforce any and all violations. These violations include, but are not limited to, tresspassing, illegal lodging, and public intoxication. For information, please visit the VPD’s Authority Letter/Tresspass Form page.

The VPD also has information should you need to Report Abandoned Vehicles. If you own an oversized vehicle, such as an RV or trailer, you must notify the VPD at (805) 339-4401 or complete an Oversized Vehicle Permit Form before you park on public streets. Permitted, oversized vehicles are allowed to park on city streets for up to five (5) days.

If you see someone sifting through your trash on your street, Dumpster Diving Illegal in Ventura and it is recommended that you report it to VPD.

How PBCC Members Can Help

Piepont Bay is home to a diverse community of residents and the response to the city’s Safe & Clean approach has not been without some controversy. Residents of the Pierpont Bay community desire a safe place to live and must support as we navigate the process of addressing the common issues experienced by residents in the area (e.g., bike thefts, vehicle thefts & vandalism, illegal fireworks, narcotics, trespassing, dumpster-diving, and so on). To support the City of Ventura and VPD in its Safe & Clean efforts, the PBCC encourages its members to:

Support the City of Ventura’s efforts towards abating illegal and anti-social behavior in public spaces
Observe and report all crimes and suspicious persons/behaviros by dialing 911 for emergencies or the 24/7 non-emergency dispatch number at (805) 650-8010.
Always put your safety, and the safety of others, first. Do NOT act as police.
Report Illegal Encampments
To learn how to report illegal encampments in the area, see the FAQs page.
Assist the city by maintaining clean public spaces
Organize and participate in volunteer-led clean up efforts in the neighborhood.
Report all issues related to the safe and clean initiative that occur in public parks, beaches, commercial businesses, and on private property to the proper authority or partnership. Residents in our community work hard to live in this beautiful city and we must all particpate in ensuring our neighborhoods remain safe and clean to preserve the enjoyment of our community!
Report Graffiti on City/Public property to (805) 654-7804 or send an email report to:

Volunteer with local partnerships and community resources
Participate in activities that support community enjoyment of safe and clean beaches, parks, and public spaces. To learn about volunteer opportunities, please visit Volunteer Ventura!
Volunteer to start and co-Captain a Neighborhood Watch group on your street, block, or lane. For information, visit our Volunteer page.
Learn about the variety of outreach efforts available for Ventura’s homeless
Learn about the resources that are available Ventura, visit Ventura County Services for Homeless People and Ventura County Social Services Task Force
County Brochure:

Give panhandlers hand-up, not a hand-out
In October 2014, the United States Supreme Court made a decision in Reed vs. the Town of Gilbert, AZ which imposed content restrictions on signage for municipalities. A result of this decision is it prohibits states from enacting laws curtailing freedom of speech. Asking another person for money is not illegal in Ventura. However, the City of Ventura does prohibit solicitation is specific places and also prohibits aggressive solicitation. For details, review the San Buenaventura, CA Code of Ordinances: Chapter 10.100 Solicitation Ordinance.
Giving money to area pandhandlers may feel good at the time, but providing an individual with money also has the potential to serve an addiction.In addition to preventing individuals from getting long-term help, it also fails to solve the longer-term challenges faced by those persons, which is poverty.
The PBCC has a supply on hand of the City of Ventura’s Panhandling posters and card handouts to distribute to local businesses.