Start a Neighborhood Watch for Your Street, Block, or Lane
Time Commitment: 2-5 hours per month

Are you interested in starting a neighborhood watch program for your street, block, or lane? To get started, read about the VPD’s NextDoor: Virtual Neighborhood Watch Program. There is also a list of helpful resources for local residents at www.werewatchingharbor.com. For information about how to get started, send an mail to improvement@pierpontcouncil.org or contact Ashley Bautista at the VPD: abautista@ci.ventura.ca.us

Help the PBCC Distribute CIty of Ventura Panhandling Posters to Area Businesses
Time Commitment: One time, 1-2 hours

The PBCC Neighborhood Improvement Committee is looking for neighborhood volunteers who are available to distribute the City of Ventura’s Pandhandling posters to commercial businesses on Harbor Blvd, South Seaward Avenue, and Ventura Harbor. The PBCC has posters on hand. To volunteer, please send an email to: improvement@pierpontcouncil.org

Volunteer Note Takers for the General Membership Meeting
Time Commitment: Once a Month, 2-3 hours

The PBCC is looking for one or two volunteer notetakers to provide our membership with an important service to ensure that all of our members have access to the material presented at our General Membership meetings. Being a notetaker requires consistent attendance at monthly meetings. You must also be a member of the PBCC, have a working computer, and excellent note-taking skills. To be considered, please send an email to: board@pierpontcouncil.org

Other Ways You Can Help

Don’t have a lot of time to participate but still want to help your community? 

Join the Ventura NextDoor Community
Time Commitment: As much or as little as you want
The PBCC encourages all residents to join Ventura’s NextDoor community by signing up here. To ensure your safety always remember it is important to: (1) First report all crimes and suspicious behaviors to VPD by calling 911 or the 24/7 non-emergency dispatch number at (805) 650-8010. Then, if you are comfortable sharing the issue online or simply want to alert other nearby neighbors about the issue: (2) Post a notice about the crime or suspicious behavior in your neighborhood community.

Order Neighborhood Watch Signs for Your Street
Time Commitment: Place a call or send an email

One of the best ways you can help the community to reduce crime is to order a neighborhood watch sign! It takes only a few minutes, but makes a huge difference for the community by sending the message that the neighborhood is organized and ready to report crime and suspicious behavior to the police. It also lets suspicious persons that Pierpont Bay residents are caring and watching out for each other. Simply order a sign from the Ventura Police Department by calling Ashley Bautista at the VPD at (805) 338-4317 or emailing her at abautista@ci.ventura.ca.us. Before calling, be sure to have some idea of where you would like to have the sign installed. For example, “Facing the street on the light post closest to the front of my house on the 1000 Block of Pierpont Blvd.” or ” Facing the alley on the lightpost behind my apartment on 2700 Harbor Blvd.”

Join the Graffiti Reporting Crew
Time Commitment: Got a camera? Take a pic and report it.
See graffiti in the neighborhood? Report it!

Depending on your location, you can use different methods:

City Property: Send pictures and location to: Call 805-654-7805  or e-mail to graffiti@ci.ventura.ca.us.

Cal Trans Property: Online report submissions and photo uploads: http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/paffairs/faq/faq4.htm

Private Property: If you are cleaning graffiti on property, a neighbor (who does his part to keep it clean in Pierpont) offered this recommendation for  “Krud Kutter Graffiti Remover.” Its available on Amazon and runs about $10-14 a bottle. If its not your private property you are planning to clean up, you are advised to ask for permission (Safety first!). Then, upload your before and afters to the “Graffiti Removal Thread” in the Pierpont Neighborhood on NextDoor. Thank you you to our local graffiti fighter for the idea and to all the neighbors who’ve joined in!